July 20th, 2007

wish me luck . . .

I'm due to engage in more Politicks in a very few hours. My bag is packed, with additions to the Big Binder of Board Wisdom to distribute; about half of a new binder for the other new board member; a videocamera; a digital voice recorder; an extension cord; a tripod; a SafCord to protect the cords; my Big Binder of Board Wisdom; a clipboard; a proposed sign-in sheet; a proposed Suggestions sheet; my list of motions for the meeting and assorted other goodies. In my _second_ bag (I'm actually a little shocked about this, but hopefully it'll only be this meeting that things are this out of control), I've got the Virginia Young book from the previous secretary, the Jack Short book, RONR In Brief, the Standard Code, the Suggestions box. Eventually, the laptop and its cords and probably its wireless card will all go into the first bag.

Bet ya anything this all confuses me so much I wind up stuttering or something. Because I'm not totally stupid, I'm leaving the projector and its cords at home. I refuse to video a meeting I'm also presenting slides at. Which is why one of the motions is to invite Cable/Web back to do the recording for us.

not Politicks, just politics: Documentary Night at the Library

Since I got a projector (the PK20 from Mitsubishi), and a screen (the Da-Lite 40" Presentation screen), it occurred to me that I could put on movies at the library. R. pointed out there might be a licensing issue. I dug around on the web and found these guys: http://www.movlic.com/

While it took a few rounds to get them to cough up a number, for our size library, it was quite reasonable (under $300 for the year), where reasonable is defined as I-don't-mind-forking-over-for-it-personally. Unfortunately, their documentary selection is limited. 'Cause what I want to do is show political documentaries (of the food/parenting/environment/climate/Peak Oil variety) and get people talking about them. The Director had a host of questions/objections, none of which were particularly to-the-point. Apparently earlier licensing schemes limited libraries to a single showing (this one doesn't). She figured I'd need a wall to project against (hardly -- altho I will probably buy a bigger screen at some point). She was concerned about conflict with other events (I'd rather do it when the library isn't officially open anyway, so the darkened room doesn't inhibit people from checking out books). It looks like we're rolling, with a start date of 8/17 and I'm to get a bill by a week before that. _Control Room_ unfortunately, is not offered through this license (but I have a number I can call, and probably will at some point). I've moved _An Inconvenient Truth_ and _Maxed Out_ to the top of my queue since both of those are fair game and readily available at Netflix.

Altho I'm sorely tempted to start a week earlier with _The End of Suburbia_, since the licensing on that is free, and it'd make an entertaining, minimally advertised dress rehearsal.