July 12th, 2007

a shout out to old media here

Because I can't resist the opportunity to taunt.

There have been two reporters covering the events at our local library that have recently culminated in my appointment to the board of trustees: J.C. and R.C. (no relation, and if I weren't using initials, that'd be obvious). R.C. is the one who asked me for a comment after the second meeting. J.C. contacted the other recent appointee, L., and she rolled over and supplied him with my e-mail address. Which is a-ok with me.

Before I continue, let me note clearly here: I have _no issues whatsoever_ with the reporting on the BPL excitement. It's newsworthy. They seem to get the quotes right. They aren't going beyond the events. I might like it if when they quoted ex-children's librarian J. complaining about the director lacking certification they point out that in New Hampshire, librarians are not certified -- libraries are. But that's a quibble.

He e-mailed me, and asked me to call him about a story he's writing about the recent appointments. I called right after Teddy went down for his nap, as soon as I checked my e-mail, about 1 minute before the 15 minute window he gave as as-late-as-he-could-wait. But he'd filed it already. Big tragedy for me (I'll probably have a little comment in there as unable-to-reach-for-comment). But here's the thing:

If you google "brookline nh [my first and last name]", after some obviously incorrect business results, the first two entries were for minutes from BPL. The next entry is my home web page, from which you can (a) e-mail me (b) go to librarything and look at my library (c) get to this journal and read all about my gearheadiness, parenting, and often nearly-naked son playing in the pool in the backyard. Not to mention read book reviews I've written, look at what I cook, find out more about my parenting opinions than any one human being (other than me) can possibly be interested in, read my travelogues, etc. ad nauseum. And I do mean, at vomitously great length. With a little persistence, you could recreate my entire, short, job history, my educational attainments, my previous marriage, my poor relationship with my family, my previous religious affiliation, my early retirement, take a guess at my net worth, realize just how freakishly left wing I really am, etc.

The entries after that are to my wish list and wedding registry at Amazon.com.

To claim that I'm a hard woman to reach is so. . .

old media.

So a little shout out to you, J.C.: try the blogosphere once in a while. You never know what you will find there. Even if you had not had the presence of mind to include the town name in the google query, my home page would _still_ have been the 6th entry on the page, and there's enough on that page to reassure you that you had the right person with my name.

Now, to demonstrate this in action:

R.C. matches the name (not just initials -- I think this really is the same guy! I'll ask him if I see him again) student journalist interviewed here:


and here:


I think R.C., writing this summer for The Cabinet, is a real hero of young journalism. This is very exciting!

Tracking down anything for J.(G.)C., other than his articles in the Nashua Telegraph, is considerably trickier. I'll let you know if I find anything interesting.