July 10th, 2007

politicks: I'm a Trustee! Whee!, P2Dead Men's Chest and gearhead continued

Well, I still need to be sworn in, assuming I have to do that again and the one I did for alternate didn't cover it. In any event, the Board of Selectmen did in fact meet on the 2nd and took action on the 9th and L. and I are now trustees on a board of four.

I also finally got accepted into the Brookline yahoo group, so I got to explore that and figure out all the new suggestions I can make at the next meeting. ;-)

The DVD burner has arrived, but I have not yet hooked it up, altho I even have a connector to hook it up to the amp (this is tricky, because the remaining available input is a balanced input, so I had to buy a connector, but it arrived as well).

I watched Pirates 2: Dead Men's Chest. That's some body count, is most of what I have to say. Plus, omgwtf vagina dentata ate Captain Jack. I'm sure this is not The End of Captain Jack, but what a ridiculous image that the world did not need, but then, what does one expect from Bruckheimer. Fortunately, I did not buy it; I got it on netflix.

The projector screen arrived and looks lovely. Needs no case, because when closed, it clicks shut and has a nice integral handle. The SafCord (don't recall if I mentioned that -- nice, lightweight stuff to reduce the trip hazards inherent in power cords connected to presentation/recording equipment) arrived. The projector arrived. The flash card reader and thumb drive arrived. One of these days, I'll get around to trying everything out.

Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced my extension cord. Hmmm.

with assistance from R. . .

I have tested out (most of) the presentation gear. He found where I had set the computer cable down, which I _really really really_ needed, because the video outs produce very fuzzy text. It was clearly not the projectors fault, because crappy for-web video on the flash card looked better. But with the DV out, life is good. Fortunately, he had the relevant extender cable, so I don't have to have the laptop right next to the projector.

The screen is great. I set the projector and screen up on the dining room table, and the screen is so good that even with the dining room light on (which is _between the projector and the screen_) you can still see what's on the screen fairly well. Quite amazing, really. Needless to say, I had the light off for the most part.

Haven't tested the Safcord yet (don't think you're supposed to use it on oriental carpet), but the gear looks good. Lots and _lots_ of fun. Should be good for watching movies, too; we popped in a DVD and it looks nice.