June 27th, 2007


Child care was very busy today, and she had Teddy from 11-6ish yesterday, so I canceled. Ha! We hung out, watched some toddler TV, played in the pool, played with toys, took a nap, ate (repeatedly) and generally had a mellow, pleasant day. I also copied the video from the BPL Trustees meeting to a couple of disks for delivery to the now ex-secretary and also the person who wasn't able to attend the meeting. The now ex-secretary is supposed to be doing the minutes, but I'm contemplating burning a few hours one of these days putting together minutes on the chance that she doesn't (not being the secretary any more). I also packaged up a book (TitleTrader request) and a CD (wedding vid and pix for one of the 'maids), once R. got home.

Nice recovery day. I may have another one tomorrow.