June 25th, 2007

Writer's Block: Wedding bells are ringing

What was the last wedding you went to? Were you in the wedding?

I kid you not: the above was a prompt for writer's block. Ha!

Well, B. and C. are married and probably on a plane to their honeymoon in Mexico right now. Congratulations to them. It was great to see J. and J., who flew out for the wedding, and were available for brunch and a leisurely stroll around the park (watching the kid climb on stuff) afterwards, before catching a flight home in the afternoon. I met lots of nice people. I saw a few I already knew (from other bridal events like the shower and rehearsal dinner and so forth). I apparently gave a really, really good toast. I did not drink too much. I had a coughing fit during the ceremony, but a cousin of the bride passed a cough drop forward (note to everyone attending weddings: have coughdrops, tissue and a water bottle handy and available to pass ahead to the wedding party in the event of similar emergency), saving me from red faced embarrassment and possibly hacking up a lung at St. Elizabeth Seton Church. The food was good. The kid had fun with the babysitter and a friend, swimming in the hotel pool, and is not overly traumatized from a very busy three-day weekend in which he spent two very long blocks of time (11 and 8 hours) away from me.

And right now, the list of people who could convince me to be an attendant again, much less matron of honor, is very, very short. Very. It's not zero, but it's fewer than the fingers of one hand. And I'm not including the thumb.