June 22nd, 2007

sitting in chuch parking lot waiting for the wedding rehearsal

I'm _really_ hoping I'm in the right place. Hard to imagine how I could have screwed this up, but surely I'm not the first person here? Never mind. Surely I am.

Anyway. Nails done. I've met a bunch of the other maids, and they seem like a nice group. Jess was not here, but I've met her already. No major disasters yet. I picked up the tuxes and one of the guys had a balance so I'm going to tweak him when I see him. Everything has been pressed (well, mine wasn't but I didn't see any compelling reason it needed to be pressed). After this is the rehearsal dinner and after that I get to return home and see how papa and toddler did today in Albany. They survived the trip out. Apparently they avoided most of the thunderstorms but went through one and that was kinda bumpy.

The camera (the one I dropped in the sand at the playground and which hasn't precisely been the same since) has mysteriously lost its ability to focus. This is a huge bummer BUT I have the video camera which can take (bad) stills also. Oh well.

I also forgot to bring an outfit for the dinner. I walked through Macy's on the way to pick up the tux and grabbed a black T-shirt with sparklies on the scoop neck and a skirt. Turns out Charlene's outfit was similarly spur-of-the-moment (the other nursing mom in the group_, altho hers was out of her sister's closet. She managed to accessorize it correctly. Me, I'm relying heavily on the everything-black-goes-together, right? I even had the perfect outfit (the black and white one from Mike and Michelle's wedding). *sigh*