June 21st, 2007

naps and outings

Teddy went to Silver Lake with child care and S. today. They/he timed out because it was a lot of time in the sun so he came home after three hours instead of the planned four. This meant that child care drove up literally five minutes after I did. I did not, therefore, get a chance to do other things I had planned like, say, have lunch, check e-mail and so forth. Despite apparently acting very tired, he was not interested in a nap. I'm starting to think that if I miss the 1-1:30 window, the next opportunity to get him to fall asleep is 5-5:15, which is basically the old first nap/second nap schedule. This sucks. He is not, at least not while ill, able to skip nap entirely, but taking second nap tends to result in him staying up really late. Altho not today. He went down around 9:45, altho I started the process around 9 (when he grabbed my finger and dragged me over to the stairs, which was a pretty strong clue).

Tomorrow, Teddy and R. are taking a plane to Albany, where they will attend Teddy's oldest cousin's high school graduation, while I get my nails done, pick up tuxes, attend a wedding rehearsal and a wedding rehearsal dinner. They will return from Albany after I'm done with the rehearsal dinner. This is what $$$ can do for you, when your calendar gets totally fucked up with competing, uncancellable events. Wish us luck. We've never chartered a plane before.