June 20th, 2007

can you tell I got my voice back?

Not posting so much. Altho I am still coughing. Also feeling more energetic. There was a day there when I was literally snoozing on the couch, propped up with Mythbusters on. Falling asleep watching Mythbusters. Doesn't seem possible, now, does it?

I don't think I read anything today. Weird. Anyway. I went to the transfer station, after I called R. (who was on his midday bike ride at the time. Oops) to find out where it was. That must be the first time I've been there without R. I saw one of the mothers from playgroup, another sub/volunteer from the library, the Assistant Director from the library. Who knew it would be so hopping in the middle of the day on a Tuesday? Teddy was off at the park with child care and S. This is, I think, the last week we have child care other than on the weekend. She starts a new job fairly soon and until I line up someone else, it'll just be Teddy and me. Yikes. I'll probably push pretty hard on swapping the WRX for some commuter car R. is willing to drive (probably the Fit, as I planned on doing months ago) so Teddy and I can have the minivan and go off and have adventures.

I wrote the toast today, which is one more thing I can stop worrying about. Well, after I print it out. I also pulled a bin out of the basement and started assembling everything-but-the-dress. R. and I discussed who gets the video recorder on Friday. It's going to go with him and Teddy to M.'s graduation. We think. But it's going with me to getting-dressed-etc. before the wedding on Saturday.

Teddy and I spent a good 45 minutes in the pool today. He had a lot of fun getting the water out of the pool in various ways. I did not mind; it had been full for three days and was getting slimy. It's empty now; we'll fill it up again in the morning. It's kinda nice to sit in a kiddie pool on a mid-80s day and watch one's half naked offspring play.