June 19th, 2007

Colbert, and paradise restored

Mantasy (tm) (came up in the People/Matthew Mcchoweveryouspellit context)


Really weird little interaction with Toby Keith. Keith agreed to review Colbert's audiobook. Said "it's hard for me to take you serious". Really. How surprising.

Did _not_ know Froggie Went A'Courtin'. Weird. Springsteen (recently), Dylan, cartoons and who knows how many other versions.

And ended with Keith's Maintenance Man single.

Order has been restored to the Plastic Paradise that is our living room. R. says the transmission on Weeblelot needed to be adjusted. I think it is extremely cool that he was able to fix that thing, given how completely mysterious its inner workings are to me. I also scrounged a small bin for the Brio and Thomas train stuff (damn musical caboose got recalled for lead. Those suckers are kind of expensive for having that sort of problem. Brio brand stuff doesn't have that kind of problem. *sigh*), and a large bin for all the plastic Little People and Weebles. I have so far figured out how to fit the school bus, Goldilocks and the Three Bears' Cottage and the Triple Track into the bin, along with all the little people and animals. The larger playsets do not fit, but one is less likely to hurt one's foot inadvertantly stepping on one of them.