June 11th, 2007

R.'s birthday weekend

I think we ate out more this weekend than we have most months (except when traveling). Friday we went to lunch with the (ex-)coworkers and dinner, too. Today we had dinner out at Margarita's in Nashua, which is even more kid-friendly than I had remembered.

We also went to Toys R Us and bought much plastic. The whole yellow thing has gotten _way_ out of hand. We almost had to leave with an otherwise uninspiring play mower, but R. resisted strenuously. It was a crap push toy, but it was almost entirely yellow, which was clearly the appeal. They had the Weebles castle and Goldilocks cottage (didn't have either on the last trip when I was looking for them), so of course I succumbed, as well as buying a frightening amount of Fisher-Price Little People stuff. We have not unpacked all of the booty, because he played pretty hard with what we did unpack and I finally was able to delay opening stuff. Normally I feel compelled to open all the toys at once. This says a lot more about me than anyone else. The bus (which is yellow, and is apparently the special bus, because it has a wheelchair and carries only 3 kids and the driver) has an incredibly obnoxious song. I got the farm largely because you can get an accessory kit with a llama, and who can say no to that. R. bought a little oval with a couple baby dinos, and I got the Lance-a-Little accessory kit and the Maiden-Mary kit. I refrained from buying the Pink Palace.