June 6th, 2007

_Pink Think_ by Lynn Peril, and 4 freaking hours

_Pink Think_ is a book exploring several decades (post-WW2-1970s or so) of cultural programming of femininity in the US. It covers a lot of ground, including a single chapter on parallel programming of masculinity, advertising of products marketed specifically to women and girls, advice books and articles, psychologists and psychiatrists opinions and practice and so forth. Really, more about foundation garments and home ec than anyone _needs_ precisely, but is nonetheless both highly entertaining and insightful.

I bought this because Bitch covered one of the author's later books (about women in college). I stumbled across this on Amazon as a result and picked it up used. I'll probably send my copy down to my sister. Like the author, she has been somewhat obsessed with this kind of cultural detritis (thrift shop 'finds' like charm school textbooks).

Last night was another library trustees meeting. 4 freaking hours. Gack.