May 27th, 2007

catching up on Bitch

As in, the magazine. I got three back issues in the mail, since my subscription lapsed around the time we moved and I only recently restarted it. Fun, fun, fun. The worst (best?) part is the vast number of book and music possibilities suggested by reading this lovely magazine.

I am not, however, going to buy the Tiptree/Sheldon biography by Phillips. It looks like I'm not the only one to consider that book and go, duh, outing Tiptree wasn't about outing a woman/lesbian. Outing Tiptree was about destroying a transgender identity. No wonder that author had trouble writing anything for a few years after that incident. Unfortunately, Phillips apparently didn't consider that possibility, so while all the indications are that it is a really excellent bio, the failure of analysis is just going to make me too binky bonkers to stand it so I will leave it alone.

matron's (heh) dress

I went to Olga's in Nashua yesterday for a fitting on the dress I'm to wear to the wedding. Not only can Olga pin a dress, she can then alter it as well as she can pin it. It fit _perfectly_: tight but not painful, so supportive without causing problems. Shockingly wonderful! If you're in southern New Hampshire/Massachusetts north of Boston and need alterations, I _highly_ recommend Olga. $115 to alter a dress substantially. Huge weight off my mind.

I called the bride and left a message on her cell telling her the update and asking if she needed anything done on this coast since I have not heard from her in a while; I have not yet heard back and it's now been 24 hours. Hmmm.