May 20th, 2007

wedding recap

M & M got married. It was a very nice wedding. Sky Meadow Golf whatever in Nashua is a very nice place to have a wedding. It was _indoors_ (thank goodness). The food was okay, according to me (who did get a dairy free and low sodium meal, yay!) and two others. Thanks to all the fiddly little bits in the course of the wedding and reception, dancing did not start until quite late. But the people were nice. I knew a bunch from going to lunch with R.'s coworkers over the course of a few years, plus some of them came to our wedding. K. came with us (she was in our wedding, as was M., and she had also met M., so they graciously included her when I asked them to). And I'd met both sides of the families at various events recently (bridal shower, rehearsal bbq) and in the past. Kinda cool; I'm involved enough with these people that I didn't feel left out in any way.

I got to dance with R.! And with K. Lots of fun!

Grandma (R.'s mother) watched Teddy at home. He was calm enough to go to sleep and she says he did not cry at all, which I am skeptical of, because he always cries at least a little with me, and with everyone else, but maybe it did not meet her threshold for crying. In any event, K. and I stayed until about 11 and then came home. R. stayed to the bitter end (shortly after midnight) because he was in the wedding party. Teddy was sound asleep and only woke up to nurse a few times until about 5:30 a.m. (and we had to change him) but between 5:30 and 8, he was very restless and apparently not happy with me. He scooted to the opposite side of the bed and stared at me and whimpered. He got his sippy cup (which he'd gone to sleep with, it had water in it, which is why he was wet when I got home, and why his disposable was freaking soaked in the morning) and plastic hammer and snuggled up to them (his idea of comfort objects is absolutely mystifying -- and he has not settled on a favorite; it's different every time he wants one). But they did not make him happy and I eventually pulled him back to me and nursed him until he was able to settle down and sleep, which he did from 8-9:30. Which was a relief. He wasn't awake that whole time but he wouldn't stay asleep for more than a half hour or so at a shot, then he'd be awake, whimpering, and looking at me funny again.

I'm not looking forward to the June wedding. That's gonna be hard. It might take a couple days to recover from that one. R. did take him to Nashua today to return the tux and go to Costco. Which was a relief for me, because Teddy continued to be more clingy than usual today.