May 14th, 2007

More _Crimes Against Nature_

I've finished it, and I'll note that I have the paperback, which includes an afterword for that edition.

Great summary of the evils of the current administration told in a bipartisan way. I realize that's implausible, but it's true. The wikipedia article on the author makes for some fascinating reading. As near as I can tell, the judge who sentenced him to community service for the heroin possession charge saved his life and recreated him as the progressive activist he is today. Altho possibly having children helped with that, too. Hard to say. Interesting guy, either way. He's a big chunk of the resistance to the Cape wind project. Don't use this book as a sole source for anything. Think of it as a hit list, a source for additional research.

If you want my copy, drop me a line and I'll mail it to you. If I don't hear from anyone in the next few days, I'll be putting it up on TitleTrader.

A bit more about nukes. It tells you a lot about censorship at the big media outlets that ABC News would do a huge thing on Loose Nukes -- and limit themselves (as near as I can tell) to outside-the-US and college campuses. As if there are no nuclear power plants in the US not on college campuses. Heh.

Oh, and the reactor in the US that had the second worst accident has reopened after extensive work was done on it.

irresponsible speculation

Pithy summary: Hagel was ES&S. ES&S supplied the machines that counted the votes that got him elected. ES&S has been sued. A lot. Almost as much as Diebold.

Chuck Hagel is not (yet) running for the Republican nomination in 2008. He's been out in front for Republicans opposed to the war and in a number of other ways has behaved in a way that is appealing to frustrated centrists. It is tempting to think he might be a good guy to have around. He's not.

Not too long ago, he was about to announce what he was going to do with his future. He showed up and all but spluttered, saying, duh, I'll get back to you guys in the fall. This might seem somewhat mysterious. I would assert that it is not.

Yes, a bit excitable, but a reasonable summary.

You don't have to run faster than the bear. It's better to get off the bus a stop or two earlier than you'd like, than to be pushed off the back of the bus. And run over.

Hagel won't be running in 2008. Not for President. Not for Veep. Not for Senate. And one of these days, he's going to be answering some hard questions under oath. Or not answering, as the case may be. He isn't so sure about this, and he's making some efforts to squash the ugly truth.

In this article, he makes a series of factually true statements about the whole ES&S thing that are horribly misleading. He says he never had anything to do with ES&S -- except he was chairman/ceo of one of the two companies which, when merged, became ES&S. Oh, and he still has a substantial stake in the parent company. Little things like that.

The massive misrepresentation of the news conference is something else again.

The Salon author implies that the non-announcement was somehow "calibrated". She's the only one out there who seems to think that.

Christine Jennings may yet make some real progress in her efforts to clean up the dirty race that denied her her seat. And ES&S is at the heart of it.

Hagel was the only unannounced candidate to recently speak to a firefighters' union. He screwed up. He started his remarks by praising volunteer firefighters.


You cannot pay any attention to this guy and buy the hype that whatever he does he's
thought through carefully.