May 8th, 2007

playground for play group

I told parents who've been complaining about the situation at the library that they might want to come to the next trustees meeting, first Tuesday in June. This ought to stir the pot a bit. ;-)

Teddy played very nicely for about 40 minutes or so, and then decided it was time to go. He got up, left the playground and walked out to the car. Well, ran. With me after him, leaving the diaper bag and other gear on the picnic table. We got to the car and I explained we couldn't leave without the stuff, so we went back. He was wet so I changed him. He wanted to nurse so we did. Then he did it again -- got up, left the playground, etc. I was more prepared this time, grabbed the gear and said a quick good-bye. Everyone was surprised. I said, we could stay but he would yell. Besides, he's feeling hot and looks flushed. Someone cracked, "He's the boss." Which just confuses me. Yes, playdates are partly for parents, but they are at least nominally for kids; if the kid wants to go, you'd think they'd be allowed to decide that, right? I realize they can't decide to stay forever, but leaving early shouldn't be a massive hardship. If Teddy were another adult, and said he wanted to go, if I made him stay, that would be, well, rude, at the very least, and possibly a lot worse. *shrug*

I dropped him off at child care's apartment. She was buying a car today but took Teddy with her and her grandfather (who we know quite well; he's how we met her). What with one thing and another, Teddy was out for four hours and apparently only got upset once when he dropped his sippy cup and couldn't reach it. Wow. In a pretty good mood when he got home, too.

I went to Toyland (bought a hoop and ball bath toy and a Playmobil bath toy), County Stores (milky spore in a 20 pound bag -- the only size they had) and Toadstool (8 or so books; two board books and the rest picture books).

I was going to ration out the books, but of course Teddy spotted the stack and wanted to surf through many of them. The picture dictionary was a pretty big win. I liked _The End_ and _Bee Bim Bop_, neither of which we have gotten to yet. Teddy's on a big _Belly Button Book_ by Boynton (of course) kick.

I walked up the hill and back. Gotta move fast or the bugs will carry you off. Warm day -- County Stores thermometer said 86 degrees. Dunno if I believe it or not.