May 4th, 2007

a little bit of scandal in a neighboring town?

At some unknown point, the children's librarian gig was posted:

In January, the guy currently holding the position, Jeff Raymond,
was hired. RHI he was previously a volunteer at that library.

On April 2, the library director gig was posted available:

On April 5, this good-bye from the old director appeared:

The children's librarian gig is a _very_ juicy one: good pay, full time, full benefits.
For comparison purposes, there is only _one_ full time position at Brookline Public
Library, which is the Director. I'm sure there were a lot of applicants. RHI at least
three people with MLS (!!!) degrees applied (which the person hired conspicuously does
not have, and which you will note the new director gig now requires).

One does wonder what happened over there. One further wonders why it is supposedly
all that freaking hard to hire someone with an MLS, if you could get that many applying
for that job.