April 26th, 2007

someone lit a fuse under a couple of stocks I own

Both of which start with 'A'. Oh happy day. In fact, oh happy two days in a row. Pays for my frivolous life for several more years. Not that this was in question.

I've got one single lesson (the review lesson) left in unit eight of Dutch Rosetta Stone -- after that, Level One is done! Woo Hoo! Etc.

I'm almost done with Sunderland's _The Science of Parenting_ and between that, _What's Going On In There_ and _The Scientist in the Crib_ and others of that ilk, I'm about ready to conclude that parenting books which attempt to be scientific are weak. Except when they are evil crap. The ones I just listed are not evil crap (imo), but they are weak. There's a big problem here and I am NOT going to whinge about it right now.

I have finally finally! started _Rednecks and Bluenecks_ by Chris Willman. In the first chapter, about the Dixie Chicks, there is mention of Don Imus attacking them, and how that's a little odd because he isn't even right wing, per se.

Which just goes to show, the pendulum has well and truly swung. The most anyone would commit to recently was, he's not the _most_ right wing talk show host out there. Fast sea change there in the last yearish. If it really is like a pendulum, it'll slow down in a bit. But with this in mind, it's a little easier to understand how Our Fiendish Leader and Company can seem to be so slow to respond to The New World Order. So to speak.

Teddy can now make the w sound. I've been asking him if he's wet wet wet and now he responds with wuh. It's kinda cute.

Current list of words in actual use: juice, snack (you would not recognize either of these), hi, no, mama (you would recognize all of these), up, down, one, two, three, whee, doll, dog, block, out, towel, balm (as in, butt balm. Really.).

The ones he uses without any prompting are (in order of frequency): no, hi, mama, down, out, up.

This is an improvement. A big improvement. But he still goes to wherever is (or was) whatever he wants and grunts, rather than asking specifically for an item. *sigh* And standing by the door screaming out is really irritating.

We had a bunch of sand from when we put the generator in (needed it to line the bottom of the trench for the plumbing for the generator) in a pile by the driveway. I took some of it, put it in the dishpan and got all the beach toys out. That's good for _hours_ of fun, and can be set up next to the bench on the porch in the shade where I can read or talk on the phone while Teddy plays while needing only minor, occasional assistance. Since he has a tendency to scream with rage whenever he wants to go out and I try to get him to get in the car so we can go somewhere else to play, this is pretty good. Much better than trying to run down the driveway into the street.

In even better news, the neighbors say he can play on their play equipment whenever he likes. Their kids aren't there much (5, 8 and 10) and they are getting a little big for the equipment anyway, but they like Teddy and are happy to spot him when he climbs when they are around. This saves us getting in the car to go to the playground AND the home cordless phone and cell phone both work from the neighbor's yard. If you get a call from me in the morning or early afternoon, that's probably where I am.