April 22nd, 2007

I wanna be Muskie

and accuse Our Fiendish Leader of abusing Ibogaine (not really - just avoiding googlization of what I obviously _really_ want to say).

Transcript of the evidence from a recent speech at a high school in Tipp City:


I know he doesn't usually make sense, but I saw some clips from this and it really is a lot worse than usual. That's not a speech. That's a random assembly of sound bites, many of which have been deprecated lately but he hauled them out and used them anyway. He caught himself on the Iran-says-they-want-a-... more than once. The usual atrocious grammar and confusion involving negatives are not what I'm pointing to here. Just count how many topics he hits, how fast, and how bad the segues are.

R. says it looks like brain damage from alcohol. I say it looks like that stuff that Sherlock shot up and a decade worth of celebs destroyed their septums with. We could both be right.