April 17th, 2007

I'd say it'll be a short post

But I now know that people take that in an absolute sense, instead of a relative one. So it is what it is, but trust me, it could have been longer.

(1) Finger update: healed beautifully. Fingernail has yet to regrow, but looking at it now you'd think I just had an out-of-control hangnail at some point in the last week or so that messed with the cuticle. Cool. Avoided unknown cost associated with an urgent-care visit and increased my confidence in my ability to deal with minor injuries.

(2) Rosetta Stone update: I'm three lessons into the last unit of level one. Very exciting. The long break does not appear to have done any harm at all.

(3) Taxes, grrr, are done, subject to being photocopied and mailed tomorrow. But everything is filled in, signed and checks are written. $1 owed to Massachusetts (income tax on R.'s job there despite being non-residents). Considerably more owed to NH, because despite all the claims to the contrary, they do too have an income tax. A 5% income tax on interest and dividends. The Feds, if we are right, will be rolling over what they owe us to next year, where we surely owe it to them already. Estimated tax payments to NH and the Feds already in the mail (unless I misplaced the one to the Feds which I am sorry to say is a real possibility).

(4) PHP/MySql/etc. update. Turned PHP on on my laptop and turned Apache on long enough to do some fiddling. Bizarrely amusing.

Recent TV: a whole lotta Stargate. I tivo'd the recent marathon so while I have missed the two episodes they did not re-air from the first half of the last season, I'm now caught up through the two parter The Quest. Good stuff. I'd seen one of the episodes already (Counter-Strike) and was totally mystified, having missed several leading up to it. I now understand what's going on. Sort of.

Recent books: Having discovered the delicious blog/website http://www.smartbitchestrashybooks.com/index.php (Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels), I ordered up a whole bunch of the books that got A- or better reviews. I've now read a couple of them (Loretta Chase's _Lord of Scoundrels_ and _Unmasked_ by CJ Berry which I may have spelled incorrectly). I'm not a huge fan of historicals (altho I have a massive weakness for Georgette Heyer), but the Loretta Chases was good enough to consider buying more. Romance with a thin sci-fi background tends to make me wish I were reading a Vorkosigan or Honor Harrington novel (as occasional as the romances in them are), but eventually Berry's universe convinced me to play along and I had a reasonably fun time. Despite the light ball that was all too reminiscent of that thing in the Lloyd Alexander series. So I think, on balance, when they say a book is really, really good, it's good enough to enjoy, even if it isn't the sort of thing that you usually enjoy.

I got Grandma 5 (the genealogical database) but have not done anything with it. I also got some more Mennonite history books but I haven't touched them, either.

No child care today, and probably none on Wednesday, either. Not going to be an easy week, clearly.

Went to reading group. N.'s pick this month, _Cosmicomics_ by Calvino. I still think _Invisible Cities_ is his best, but I increasingly recognize how thin this approach to writing is. But nevertheless, entertaining. Only four people there, one of whom hadn't read the book at all, and another of whom only made it through two or three of the stories. I did not quite finish myself, which is startling, because I didn't mind it and it was less than 150 pages long. Apparently I've been a little busy lately.

Went to the second bridal shower (the one for the wedding R. is in in May). Ran into D. and P. and chatted with them at the end. R. took Teddy to Children's Metamorphosis, which he apparently enjoyed greatly.

Cabal on Friday was just three of us, which was sort of a bummer. I miss seeing P.

R. has been very forgetful lately. We were supposed to get Teddy's passport on Friday and he forgot the birth certificate. He took Teddy to Hampshire Hills on Sunday morning and forgot the diaper bag. And the whole tax thing dragged on forever because he kept forgetting important bits of information. I'm mostly mad, but also a little worried. Don't know what's up there. He did call his sisters and found out the dates on the week in Narragansett and we've lined up a house to rent for that week, which we are fairly certain is right around the corner from the house one of his sisters is renting.

I'm currently getting prices on a chartered round trip for Teddy and R. to go to M.'s graduation party which is, inconveniently, the day before the wedding I'm in in June. Since it's a four hour drive each way to Albany, cutting travel time is probably worth the Big Bucks.