April 8th, 2007

I'm really loving Easter this year

We didn't do a Seder and mother-in-law didn't host Eastover so NO commitments! Anywhere!

You would be amazed at how organized this place is getting.

We still need to do some cross-checking on the federal taxes, fill out the state taxes (TurboTAX Mass non-resident is EVIL! Do NOT use this product if you have more than a tiny handful of broker-barter transactions to report!) and send everything in, but right now it looks like we only have to pony up for NH. Woohoo! If no errors show up, there will even be a small federal refund rolled over into next year. Of course, an estimated payment for this year is due at the same time and there's no avoiding that. And some of my bigger carryovers (AMT credit and a bad debt I've been writing down for years under the short-term capital loss carryover -- yeah, I know it makes no sense, but them's the rules) are starting to be not-so-big, so we should probably make sure we pay a bit more this year. For a while there, due to an error in filling out the capital loss carryovers for AMT, TurboTax thought we owed mucho big bucks which motivated me to search out a lot of deductions I had not previously bothered with. We're also contemplating some other financial software to help us do tax planning during the year. We do not want to turn into Quicken addicts, tho.

I even went through mail and papers sitting in a box from last September and shredded stuff. Toys are headed to the basement.

The maid's dress is at Olga's in Nashua being altered, after failed attempts at Kascheen's in Milford and Peter the Tailor in Nashua. The tailor I get; what needs to be done is more than tailoring. But there is something seriously weird about Kascheen's. I told her what bra size I wear, and she wanted me to go get a long-line from David's Bridal that topped out at DD. She also recommended Lady Grace, which I will probably investigate at some point because it does have a great rep. But my lord, it's a strapless dress. I've been fitted at Nordstrom's and a fancy-bra-boutique (Zovo's in U Village in Seattle) and there's complete agreement about what size I am. Trying to find a bra for this situation is tricky at best and, more likely, doomed from the start. In any event, Olga didn't think the problem was a problem. She just pinned the crap out of the dress until it looked really good, then said I'd have to come back to do the length but I'd brought the shoes so we did it then and there. Next visit will be second/last fitting near the end of May and AFTER the May wedding that Roland is in so perfect separation of hazards.

Recent research has been into Athena, MARC records and cataloging, and Library Trusteeship. Also PHP/MySQL/etc. for when we eventually transition to some hopefully open source ILS like Koha.

I'm thinking it's also time to crack open Rosetta again and work on the Dutch. This week child care only canceled two days, so I got 8 hours of child care. Shocking. And really nice.