April 6th, 2007

hey it was short compared to what it could have been!

I opened up the bandaid again today and it's healing beautifully but I noticed something when I took the butterflies off: I cut _through_ the nail. Vertically. Top to bottom.


This is going to take a while to be right again.

Worked 4 hours at the library, paid. I did have some backup; B. was in doing cataloging so we got to chat. Not too busy and mostly toddler/parents that I know since it was storyhour today. Teddy did not go because I could not breastfeed him if I didn't have someone other than the children's librarian to give me a break, which
was what I was expecting. R. and Teddy got an oil change and ran errands. Peters Honda is _good_ for a toddler; they have an awesome play area.

Culled more books. Took home the Athena manual after talking to B. It seems to work the way I thought it did.