February 27th, 2007

bummer day

I was all excited. I could go to playgroup and hang out for an hour or so while Teddy played with kids. Come back and he'd go down for a nap. Then child care would arrive and I'd have four hours of help/company.


It's school vacation week. Karate club decided they'd use the space above town hall this morning. Which would be fine EXCEPT WE HAVE IT RESERVED. They actually got T., who is nominally the go-to person for the group (regular readers of this group know what I think of _that_), to head over to the library instead, where they were doing the music thing. But Teddy doesn't do so good at the library and he needed to run. I was willing to try to share the space, but when he wanted to push one of the push-toys around, I said they had to go, because kids doing katas are not compatible with toddlers at play. Freaking leaping 360 degree katas. Lame art.

Anyway, dude apparently in charge of this show asked did we have the space reserved? Yup. Every Tuesday. Did we have it for this time frame (this conversation was at 10:20 or so). Yup. 9:30 to 11:30. This week? Every week. It's school vacation week. So, that just means people might bring their older kids, too. He'd already volunteered that someone else had showed up and been turned away, so playing the gosh-no-one-is-here card, particularly since someone else may have come by, seen all the activity, and bailed without being noticed. I had to ask them twice to leave. They were at no point apologetic. Dingbat had the gall to ask me if I knew to turn the heat off when we left. Given everything else I had said, that should have been obvious. At least he asked if the heat was okay where it was, first. I'll tell you, there is probably only one other parent in the group (N., who I otherwise find incredibly obnoxious) who would likely have stood up to him. All those questions, being tall, running a martial arts class -- that qualifies as world-class pressure to Get Out Of Here. Absolutely shameful behavior.

We played for a half hour, until Teddy ran down, and then switched to the library for a half hour, which was probably a mistake. He colored for maybe ten minutes, then started throwing everything on the floor. Time to go. No time to chat with other adults. Grrr. I did determine the person who showed up briefly before me and left was T., and cross-checked with her that playgroup had not been rescheduled/cancelled (since we'd been talking about doing that since people go to the library every other Tuesday or so for the music thing). Nope. No change.

He did nap for a couple hours, but started early, so he was up before 2. And child care cancelled because deceased ex-'s mother had called and asked her to come over. Which I understand, but I was really looking forward to getting a nice break. It's school vacation week. I could have 20 hours of child care. Or more. And child care needs the money. This should work. Dammit.

_Tinker Belles and Evil Queens_ is much, much better than _From Mouse to Mermaid_ (which I abandoned temporarily halfway through). I did manage to bin up a bunch of fiction and a little non-fiction that I'm unlikely to read soon, marked it as binned on LibraryThing, so I can put it down in the basement. I hate to do it, but I really need the shelf space.

I did get a workout after R. got home, and I got one yesterday while child care was here, so at least I'm getting back on track.

sent a little letter

And feel marginally better. I sent it to the karate club dude's in charge. If they are at all reasonable human beings, this should generate a profuse apology and explanation that they didn't at all mean to be that hard to dislodge.

I included a link to the town web page where their activity is listed, and their time in the space, and pointed out that just inches above is the listing for the town play group.

learned all kinds of things watching an old Disney flick

Apparently, "getting impregnated is something that happens when a woman is going to have a baby". Nothing about how that might happen. Hmmm.

Ah, "The Story of Menstruation".

I won't tell you where I found it. Disney is clearly clamping down on the copyright infringement.

The shower bit is funny. Also the avoid very hot/very cold water. Heh. The posture stuff is kinda funny, too, especially in the context of that essay about Disney heroines and ballet. The constipation advice, however, is basically pretty good -- if you eat the stuff they say, you shouldn't have any folate or calcium deficiencies, both of which could contribute to cramping.

I don't know that these people ever considered endometriosis.

And never mind that the adolescents are wearing lipstick. Why is the _baby_ in the cradle wearing lipstick?