February 20th, 2007

made it to town hall playgroup

We arrived shortly after 10:30, but apparently everyone else had only beat us by 10-15 minutes, so we didn't miss much AND the heat had already been turned on. Ideal, really. Big turnout. A couple of the three-year-olds had a meltdown over ownership of a box of Cheez-Its, and I ascertained that at least one of the mothers never discusses anything about how what her daughter does affects other people's feelings with her because "she's too young to understand". Um, no, she's not, and this is a good age to start.

It's really the main thing very small children _do_ understand. Yikes! She then started trying to get her daughter to share to make other people happy (oh, dear). It was too late for this time around; they mostly needed some quiet time alone with their mamas and some empathy. I'll have to think of a way to plant some pointers for the future. She also says no a LOT, without supplying an alternative (no, don't go up the stairs, rather than, say, down the stairs sugarplum) and she doesn't repeat herself neutrally much before escalating. I think her daughter is actually a lot more easygoing than Teddy by nature; Teddy would never co-operate if I tried that strataegy with him. It's amazing; she has a much older son. He must have been incredibly compliant.