February 19th, 2007

inching back to desired normal

Teddy is headed towards a more reasonable schedule. He got up waaaaay too early yesterday, which was good, because his grandma was visiting and had to leave at 10. By getting up at 7:30, they got a few more hours together and had a good time, other than him tripping, hitting his head on the corner of a wall and cracking the skin, leaving an instantaneous blue bruise. Eeeek! 'Course I had to come downstairs (at 7:40 or so -- this happened fast) to supply boobalicious comfort, because grandma was a little too involved in explaining that (a) she had nothing to do with it and (b) he didn't trip on anything, just the floor.

Well, no one thinks you have anything to do with it, other than offering comfort and empathy (which were conspicuously lacking in her response) and we've all tripped on just the floor, sooner or later. Toddlers are no different. She was really great this weekend, but clearly there are limits to how good great is.

I got a lot of time to read, which was awesome. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the kid with R. and grandma (see above story) for any extended period of time, altho they did take him out for a walk and to play in the driveway. He came back cold but warmed up fast. I was annoyed, but I got over it. Mostly. I finished _Wintersmith_ and bought a copy of _Proven Guilty_ (the latest Butcher Files in paperback) at Toadstool (yay! Toadstool!) when we were killing a half hour or so waiting to be seated at Giorgio's. Wonderfully enough, the pager works at Toadstool -- either those things are real pagers or the two places are Close Enough. I'm thinking real pagers. I read _Proven Guilty_ and started _Paths Not Taken_, which is a Simon Green Nightside novel. So, lots of progress on fiction.

We may or may not attempt Hampshire Hills today. It's a school holiday, so child care _should_ be available, but she's still completely preoccupied with her own problems. I told her to call before heading over, so I wouldn't feel compelled to stay home if I didn't want to. I should be thinking about taxes, but I don't see much point in doing those until beginning of March. The bridal shower seems to be being handled by one of the other maids. Next up (other than cabal on Friday and book group on Monday) is probably getting groceries, and picking up the 'maids dress.

Teddy activities

He's getting really good at stairs. He's also not letting me carry him down the basement stairs anymore, which is a pain in the ass. He insists on doing them himself, so I get to go down backwards holding his hand. Eeeep. And lately, he's gotten interested in the stuff on the shelves. Laundry may not be getting done during the day any more, since we're well into two-ish-ness. Lots of tantrums today. Some of it surely attributable to teething, and probably missing grandma. Some of it probably because he fell off his chair (hadn't strapped him in yet, and was over at the microwave). He'd climbed up on his own (as is usual) but then immediately leaned way over to reach something, fell off and onto his back and maybe bonked his head. Ouch! I wasn't worried in terms of damage (we're talking less than 2 foot fall, onto carpet, and it looked like his butt hit slightly before the rest of him, so really a perfect fall) but he was quite angry that it happened at all.

He finally figured out the Sit 'n' Spin today. After a few days of wanting to play with the switch on the bottom (to turn it to game mode, which I hate -- it's a Simon Says thing), he has spent two days wanting me to do what it says to do, by hand, without him on it. I find this pretty boring. Today, he decided it would be okay for him to sit on it while I did what the game directed -- which is quite a bit more fun, but did get dull after a while. When I quit, he kept going. That was a lot of fun for him, and marginally more fun to watch.

We're talking the Mr. Potato Head toys away for a while because he persists in shoving a lot of the parts way back in his mouth. And then going down the slide. And then throwing a fit when we take them out of his mouth/away. We're sick of it so they are going into hiding until he's through with this round of teething.