February 13th, 2007

my brain and google

I can't decide whether this is a good combination, or just another temptation to get sucked into doing Way Too Much and frying all the little grey matter in the name of pointless consumption. Bear with me; I'll explain what happened this time.

I did a little retail therapy, buying some recent Disney vid, some for R. and me, some for the wee one (he needs to be indoctrinated some day). Then I went back to Mice Age to check out the latest news, and read trip reports filed while I was in the park (boy, that's geeky). While on Mice Age, I ran across this article:


That's the second half of an article about De Efteling, a theme park in the Netherlands (in North Brabant, as it turns out, but that's getting a little ahead of my story). I never heard of these for a variety of reasons, mostly because I've only been Amsterdam and north and this is south (I'm not counting taking the train to Paris). Gee, I think, I could go to the Netherlands and see my family before they die (they are getting old) and catch a theme park too. Cool. Off I go to the Efteling web site. Then start searching for alternate hotel possibilities (this is where I start using google maps to figure out where stuff is). And then I realize this is a nest of theme parks and speellands -- yeah, you can see what happened, right? De Efteling has an english site, but the rest don't. And the rest look really cool. Next step: can I find something with a kitchen (oh, come on; you saw _that_ coming, right?). Sure -- for cheap. Think KOA style camping.


I sit back for a minute, still moderately surprised that I'm doing pretty well deciphering this stuff (and the online translation facilities for Dutch->English are actually _worse_ at it than I am -- keukeninventaris throws them for a loop, which is obviously something like kitchen supplies.

One of these parks ( Het Land van Ooit) even got the European rights to Sesame Street (SesamStraat).

This is going to be _fun_.

Oh, and only Efteling has an english website and brochure; the rest are Dutch only. Practice! Good influence on Teddy! Wheeee!

I haven't been to see sand dunes in a few years. We could go look at these: