February 8th, 2007

A not so little post

We've been in D-land for a week. We hung out with the Y. family, which was Fabulous. Then D. arrived, which was Wonderful. And then more Seattleites arrived, which was mostly cool. Lots of rides, a few shows, a few meals. Watching Teddy be fascinated by sweepers and somewhat by characters (Belle's dress was a hit, but Elastigirl was a HUGE hit). I'll post a lot more later.

I read _Mouse Tales_ and _More Mouse Tales_ by David Koenig. More people have died doing Disney than I had realized. Eeeek. And yes, I have seen a mouse. More than one, actually. ;-)

Missed going on California Screamin' because it closed before I got on it, but R. liked it. Managed to get to Tower of Terror today. I wish it had been a longer ride, but I laughed my head off; that was great fun. Saw MuppetVision today; also hilarious.