January 29th, 2007


Something appears to have happened at seanet. I can't get mail or access my website and ping doesn't get anything back.

I don't suppose anyone knows anything. This is horribly inconvenient.

Status line says they are having a problem with the incoming mail server and expect to have it resolved in a half hour. Front desk didn't seem to know about any larger problems, nor did they think that would explain the inability to, say, load www.seanet.com. But in about five minutes, I got through to someone in technical who says (a) yes, that does explain the larger problem and (b) he _just_ got through updating the information on the status line.

They were having this problem 2 and half hours ago (I tried to check e-mail 9 a.m. EST because I wanted to download a spreadsheet that had been mailed to me). I probably should have called and reported it. They may not have noticed a problem until they showed up to work a half hour ago. Grrrr.

Ah, dependencies. Maybe I'll start using gmail for real.

Wow. I hadn't logged in over there in a few months. There were several hundred spams and phishes. OTOH, that's about right for three months worth, hunh?