January 22nd, 2007

Sunday, Monday. . .

Amazingly enough, child care showed up Sunday. Early, when I'd asked her not to, because Teddy was still asleep. Oh well. She got him to nap later on, but then he didn't go to bed for the night until after midnight. Grrrr.

And she cancelled today. Number one priority post-Disneyland trip is finding more/different child care. This is ridiculous. I'll try to get us to Hampshire Hills this afternoon, but that's just a stopgap.

Halfway through Watts' bio of Disney. The animators of Snow White DID draw porno stuff of her with the dwarfs. We always suspected, right?

made it to Hampshire Hills

Got 45 minutes on the treadmill there, which was in addition to a stroller outing earlier in the day despite the cold. The stroller bag works fabulously well:


The five point harness (on the Bob, you have to unscrew it) fits through holes in the back of the bag, so there's no safety issue. With ordinary indoor clothes, plus a thin fleece jacket with hood and a cotton hat, Teddy was toasty warm for a half hour outside in the stroller. His cheeks got a little chilled, but the back of his neck was even warm, and his hands -- inside the bag while he slept -- were nice and warm, too. Amazing. I didn't even put the rain/wind cover on. There are a ton of variations on this theme, usually set up so you can completely unzip and remove the top and leave the bottom in the stroller as extra padding. This one does not do that, but it does unzip to lie fully flat (dunno what good that would do anyone).

Checking out some similar items at JoggingStroller.com, I am only slightly shocked to discover devices to measure the mileage you put on your stroller, pushbar hands-free attachments, stroller locks (that is actually tempting, or would be if it weren't a fairly ordinary cable bike lock -- but this gets me thinking about how I might be able to use a decent bike lock on the folded up stroller to secure it. Hmmmm), a tire pump which is supposedly easy to use even on the valves on the small wheel of the stroller (if true, highly desirable; it is, unfortunately, backordered), and a wheeled piece of luggage that our jogging stroller would fit into that is supposedly checkable. Hmmm.

So Not Going There.