January 20th, 2007

Good Friday, continued

Since the kid did not nap all day, he went down for a nap at the old second nap time, around 5:30 p.m., which is scary, because one never knows when or if he'll wake up again in the evening and, if so, when he'll then be ready to sleep again. So I took an hour nap with him. R. got time on the bike in the basement. Kid woke up around 7ish in a really good mood (woke up laughing, and did it again this morning), but was back in bed around 10 p.m. Very pleasant evening after a good day.

I read another 100 pages in the bio, so I'm almost a third of the way through. I can see why this one, while one of the definitive ones, wasn't a blockbuster. The writing style leaves something to be desired. It's about as kind to Walt as one can be and still be considered a scholarly effort, which helps explain its persistent appeal. Considering how the first strike was described, it'll be interesting to see how Watts handles Disney's interaction with HUAC.

R. bought Teddy Dusty the Talking Vacuum, a toy vacuum cleaner made by Playskool. This is not the jr. hoover that I had in mind, however, there is a relatively quiet, authentic vacuum noise underneath the extremely chatty remarks. Apparently Teddy played with it in the box at Toys 'R' Us, and then played with it over an hour steadily as soon as we got it home and took it out of the box and put the handle on. He's been playing with it (and the corn popper, which has recently become interesting again, and one of the ride on toys that a neighbor gave him) on and off since. Whenever he attempts to get us to plug in the real vacuum, he can be diverted successfully to Dusty. Woohoo! It may be plastic, and it may be ersatz, but I'm not worried about him hurting himself on it, and I no longer feel like I'm going to lose hearing from the vacuum being on an hour a day.

17 months old

And I think we might be over a pretty big developmental hump. He's starting to outgrow the 18 months clothes, when up until a couple weeks ago they were still hanging on him, so he grew a bunch, mostly in his torso. His face looks different again. He's got a ton more teeth all of a sudden (being defined as over the last several weeks). Today he's taken to sticking his tongue out at me and going nnnnnn. He's using a bunch of words to ask for things (more, banana, turkey, juice, bread -- many of these intelligible now to R. as well as me). He's even verbalizing a request to nurse, when before it was always just trying to wrestle into position and drag my shirt up or down -- it sounds like bubba, which is kinda funny. And his "more" now has an r at the end, instead of just being muh. Papa is still missing the initial p, and uh oh continues to be his favorite word. He is increasingly bored with Teletubbies and starting to be fascinated by Blue's Clues.

Then last night, after weeks of nursing every half hour or hour through the night, he slept for probably four hours in a row, maybe longer (I don't know; I was asleep too).

I'm thinking maybe he was working on a whole lot of stuff for the last several weeks. Maybe we'll get of a break now while he works on language. He's been interested in crayons and paper fairly consistently lately, so, lacking any artistic skill, I've been drawing shapes, naming colors and showing him his name written out. We had a nice little moment where he was really interested in the alphabet book (Matthew Porter's board book) pages that had the same letters as his name. He is not normally interested in that book. He hung in there with me to go over the Mama, Mama and Papa, Papa books that those were the same words as I had written down, and then that was it. Total lack of further interest in that game.

barring weather or other disaster

Brookline Adult (hey, it's really all women, but in _theory_ men could show up) Reading Group is Tuesday. Let's see if I can manage to remember.

And I think tomorrow the Dresden Files starts on SciFi channel.

I am also getting seriously psyched for Disneyland. The bags are all lined up in the office (one of the few areas of the house we do not (usually) allow Teddy); packing has been underway for a while now, as I bought stuff on eBags and started organizing. *boing boing boing* Disneyland!

45 minutes on the treadmill at Hampshire Hills today. Wow. The suspension on those things is way better than the home treadmill. Much easier on the joints. R. took Teddy in the pool. Ran into a woman I know from lapsit/playground/playgroup (and like). She does the body combat class at 9 a.m. on Mondays and then takes E. to the pool. I don't know that I'm willing to get out of bed early for the class, but meeting at the pool after could be fun. And I remembered my book, so I'm now at least a third of the way through the Disney bio.