January 19th, 2007

good friday

The library was relatively quiet, but we met a new woman, mama to a 3 month old and she's persisting in breastfeeding despite 4, count 'em 4 rounds of mastitis. That is one determined mama. Her supply crashed after one round, but she tried fenugreek and it worked wonders. Go her! Her husband apparently was supportive initially, but when trouble started, he really backed her up in persisting, and the local La Leche League is also great. Which reminds me. In my copious spare time I should try to find an LLL toddlers nursing grouop.

Dentist was highly skeptical of the need-a-periodontist idea. I'm to be more careful about brushing thoroughly, get unwaxed floss (no more Glide for me. *sigh* The easy stuff always turns out to be less good for you, hunh?) and return in 3 months. If all is well at that point, we'll revert to every 6 months. Some small cavities which can wait. Even if things go poorly, deep cleaning at the dentist is an option before finding a periodontist. So nice to get better news than expected. I'm going to assume that the program of supplementation has been working well.

The 3-day ParkHopper arrived in the mail. Apparently it includes early entry for one day. I'm wondering if the annual passes will. I'm planning at getting those at the gate, as AAA will kick in $10 Disney Dollars if you buy a pass at the gate and show a AAA card.

Finally working on the Disney biography that J. got me for Xmas. Lots of detail. The library has the new one (Gabler), so if I rattle through this fast, maybe I'll read that one, too. Optimist. In my copious spare time.

Lunch at Giant of Siam left me with the funny buzzing feeling, but no headache. No headache post dentist, either, which is kinda cool.