January 13th, 2007

checked out a couple of organic stores lately

Earthward is mostly a supplements place with some overpriced, but beautiful, produce, some really interesting frozen meat and fish, and some interesting dry goods (notable sea veg from Maine). Bursey (?) in Wilton is much, much cooler, but doesn't have quite as good a selection of organic dry beans. Could not find pigeon peas in either location.

Made chicken soup with some of the sea veg, the broccoli rabe and a couple carrots. Possibly the best chicken soup ever with no additional spices needed whatsoever (and this is with homemade stock with no spices to begin with). Sea veg and broccoli rabe are amazing. R. added black pepper.

Watching Robert Newman's _Peak Oil_. Wow. Highly recommended; still doing some fact checking on it.


Brookline Reading Group is _Women of the Silk_ by Tsukiyama. The heroine is half-Hakka. :-)

Also reading _Appetite for Profit_ by Michele Simon, which is a guide for food activists on how to understand Big Food and their PR shenanigans.