January 8th, 2007


Last week, the weather was very unseasonable -- I think it got up to 70 at least one day, which is closer to Seattle in January than southern New Hampshire.

It was easy to take the kid out in the stroller and he wanted to go, so that put him down for an early nap, and a decent 2 hour long one at that. Not so today; it rained most of last night and a good part of today as well. He knew what he wanted. He climbed up in the stroller. I explained about the rain, and he went back to playing. He didn't go down until 3 p.m., which sucked especially because he had not napped particularly long the day before (only an hour, probably my fault coming in the door woke him up).

We're at 2 hours and 15 minutes and I'm feeling a whole lot more charitable towards him than I was an hour before he went down for the nap.

No child care today; she's out with some sort of GI thing. Tomorrow is her annual so we may or may not see her then.

I've re-started watching the second season of the new Doctor Who that B. gave me on disc months ago. Last night was _Idiot's Lantern_. Wikipedia has all kinds of interesting information in their episode guides, like about continuity announcers. I am such a geek.

We had friends over for brunch yesterday and went out to dinner Saturday night. You could not pay me to go to Milford Fish Market (the restaurant) on a Saturday night again. Not much space to sit. Unsafe stuff at toddler height. Long wait. Gack. Which is why we had friends over for brunch on Sunday, rather than risk going out. We made the Hoppin' John fritters from Cafe Flora that I love so much. I remembered to cook the beans the night before and let them cook a little long which was perfect. I forgot to cook the rice, but white rice goes fast in a rice cooker, so that turned out fine; just a little trauma for Roland as I lost it briefly.

Judging by this morning, R. has apparently decided that it's a good idea to not only feed the kid in the morning (I was happy when that happened), but also to get him dressed. This is quite wonderful. I get my hourish of sleep alone more or less uninterrupted (which helps to make up for the kid nursing through the night), and when I do get up, the kid is in pretty good shape, and is more or less ready for an outing, should it happen to be Tuesday or Friday morning. Truly, the Age of Miracles is Upon Us.