January 7th, 2007

Disneyland update

Plane tickets -- check. I bought R.'s and mine, then called Southwest to get the infant fare. Turned out it was more than the adult fare, since this time we were early enough we got the uber-cheap internet deal. She said, yes, you can buy the infant an adult fare; it does not matter. So I said thank you, hung up, and bought him an adult fare. Get this: $229.10 per person. That's _with_ all the fees. Under $700 for all three of us. Shocking. Probably immoral, too, given the amount of fossil fuel that will be expended on our behalf.

Called the hotel to extend the reservation from 4-8 to 31-9, to account for when our flight actually left, and arriving earlier to hang out with other friends. The improbable ($149/night) suite with full kitchen, right across from the entrance to the park, was available for the rest of the nights (it really is off-season. Really off season) and altho the rate would now be much higher, extending the reservation gets us the rate from months ago. The guy on the phone went, wow, you got a great rate. Usually that'd be $199 by now. Heh. Hopefully, it is not a dive.

And a car for the duration is reserved for under $200.

I think we'll be buying annual passports at the gate, since they are not discounted online. Not counting food, I think the bill for the whole thing is still running <$3000. This just seems implausible.

But cool.