January 4th, 2007

The Age of Miracles is Upon Us

My mother-in-law came to visit for about 24 hours (arrived 2 p.m. yesterday; departed 3 p.m. today). Teddy was a bit surprised and confused initially, but then apparently he decided he both remembered her and was willing to play with her. They had a blast. I actually got a few hours time to myself over the whole time. Really a pleasant surprise. Emphasis on surprise.

She also dropped off the Christmas present from my brother-in-law (secret Santa this year), which is a sculpture that I actually like. Another pleasant surprise. Emphasis on surprise.

Note the subject.

Okay, enough about the fact that I've misplaced my jaw somewhere on the floor.

I did a little looking around for Disneyland info, since I still haven't rented a car/bought plane tickets/bought park tickets. Turns out after all that, we're probably flying into LAX anyway (shudder. Driving in LA. shudder. Navigating LAX. shudder), since that's a one stop flight and everything into SNA is two (or more) stops, or leaves/arrives at unspeakable times of day. I'm still waiting on hearing from the Y. family to find out which dates our flights are. Car will be cheap, around $200 or under for the entire 10 or so day trip. Flights are still cheap, around $100 per person/per leg (with the kid presumably cheaper still, since that's the way it usually works).

I ordered a few items recently that will hopefully enable us to skip the stroller. One is the Travelling Toddler, a strap that attaches to a rolling bag that supplies connectors for a carseat's LATCH connectors. The idea is you can strap the car seat to the rolling bag, and let the kid ride in it. Cheap, too. Of course, we don't have rolling carry-on luggage, so I ordered an American Tourister. Hopefully that will let us consolidate the lunch, kids toys/DVDs, laptop, etc. into a single bag. Leaving out a few crucial items in an accessible backpack or something since the strap will make getting at the crap while waiting at the gate somewhat tricky. I'll post further when we've test driven this stuff around the house. I also ordered the wee one his own rolling bag, since he was basically obsessed with ours when we traveled. It'll give him something to do. I'm thinking about getting one of those electronic beacons for his shoes. Hmmmm.

I should be calling myself GearheadMama, not MamaNerd.

Anyway. Since we won't have the stroller, there's a chance we'll want a stroller in Disneyland. In the event, since we're expecting to be in the park six or more days, we'll probably be buying a couple of annual passes, rather than doing parkhopper tickets for n-days. For $50 more, we can get a pass that includes daily stroller rental. And there's always pay daily on those days we want a stroller.

Reading _Appetite for Change_ by Warren Belasco, updated for 2007. Way, way, way cool book.