December 16th, 2006

We arrive in Seattle

And disaster strikes. And we barely notice.

Today was the first impact on us by the storm (which did no detectable damage here in the heart of the U-district -- apparently there are good things about not having big trees nearby; who knew?). We tried to go to brunch at Cafe Flora. I made a wrong turn on Madison, and then had to detour around the HUGE tree that was down. We were, meantime, getting a little nervous about all the traffic lights being out.

Sure enough, by the time we got to the restaurant, it wasn't open because there was no power.

Foolishly, I had forgotten my cell phone, and didn't have the number of the person we were going to be meeting for brunch. I cudgeled my hormonally inept brain for her numbers and eventually came up with a home number, which we left a message at. Didn't matter; turns out _she_ had forgotten her cell, too! When she got to the restaurant, she saw a blue subaru (which I drive, but mine is back East) in which a woman with approximately my hair coloring and style was nursing a toddler. She knocked on the window, and scared the heck out of a total stranger who I would probably like a lot. ;-)

Anyway, she then went home, retrieved her phone, and came over to the hotel. We walked to breakfast at Costa's, which was packed, as apparently there are a lot of people without power looking for breakfast.