November 26th, 2006

holidays and food

We went to mom-in-laws for T-day weekend, as with R.'s new job we couldn't do the long trip to Seattle and besides, my cousins did an emergency trip to Mexico because cousin-by-marriage's mother is dying. :( Very sad way to spent the T-day.

However, we got to see step-dad-in-law and explore in detail his library, a den which I have been too fearful to brave until this weekend. Lots and LOTS of fun, and I came back with a haul of loaners and two gifts. I am _so_ bad. But man, how often do you get to raid a history professor's library? A _good_ history professor's library?

There was much drinking and eating. Mom-in-law's craziness was at a fairly low ebb, so no major breakdowns. One sister-in-law was present for the first day and the other arrived after; the brother-in-law was a no-show. One sister-in-law spouse present (the good cook -- yay! Curried butternut squash soup made with _coconut milk so I can eat it_! Oh boy was that good. I kept working on it for three days, but then we had to come home). All of Teddy's cousins on his dad's side were present, including step-dad-in-law's son's kids (and the son and wife as well). That family is really great. Quiet, mellow, _smart_, politically very much in line with our thinking. Pity they are way down in Philly but we will keep seeing them at least now that we are on this coast. Step-dad-in-law's daughter and spouse arrived hours before we left, so we got to see them. We hadn't seen her since shortly before we left and we hadn't seen him since our wedding, so this was all quite wonderful.

For some weeks now, I've been trying to get regular exercise (hence the treadmill tales) and trying to eat less/more reasonably (more whole grains, more vegetables, fewer sweets). This has been difficult (multiple rounds of sickness for me, Teddy, the move, I could go on, but why? If you're reading this, you probably already know in detail) and only recently had I convinced the scale to edge back ever so slightly below where it was before the move (it had gone up after the move, the first weight gain post pregnancy so very demoralizing). You can imagine the trepidation with which I viewed this weekend.

Ha! T-day is like every other holiday. Unless I'm doing all the cooking, invariably there are so many things I _can't_ eat that combined with all the things I don't care for, I wind up eating a lot less than I would if I were at home with access to my own, well-stocked, kitchen. The scale suggests I've lost weight, but we'll have to see if that's just being even more dehydrated than usual.

Teddy also picked up a cold from one of the cousins. *sigh*

cousin said a really nice thing

S., one of Teddy's cousins, who is, shockingly, old enough to drive and quite the soccer star, said a very nice thing about Teddy while we were all hanging out at mom-in-laws over T-day weekend. Comparisons are odious, still, when they go in Teddy's favor, I'm not likely to complain. He said: Teddy is not like my other cousins. He's quiet. He's happy all the time. He's fun to play with. He plays by himself. I like him better than my other cousins.

Now, obviously, S. has no mortal clue what life around Teddy 24X7 is like; he played with him for a few hours spread over one 24 hour period, and there were a lot of other people helping entertain Teddy. That said, that's basically his experience of his other cousins as well, subject to the fact that the other cousins are older and have therefore had more time to irritate him. Still, it was a sweet thing to say, and one is not inclined to think that an adolescent boy immersed in a football game is shining one on.

S.'s mother kept trying to say that was what S. and his older sister M. were like when they were babies: very, very easy. M. and S. were openly skeptical. One suspects they've heard other stories from their mama on other occasions, when she was feeling less charitable towards them. I did not know M. or S. when they were little; I'm inclined to believe their mama.