October 31st, 2006

risking a new userpic

I've been taking pictures of Teddy in the tub, and I _think_ this is okay. I guess we'll find out. ;-)

We took him trick or treating, so if this pic gets busted, then I guess I'll use one of the ones with Teddy in costume.

slightly more about sugar

Teddy managed to get two treats from nearly everyone, by dint of (a) taking two and (b) being pre-verbal, and thus difficult to negotiate with. And most of the people handing them out seemed to think that two hands = two treats anyway. Wow. This is a racket.

This was also my very first time ever going trick or treating. And I mean that. J. at the library took pity on our unprepared selves and replaced the paper bag we'd been using for Teddy's treats with the canonical plastic pumpkin. I had bought Karen Katz' book about Halloween, but not actually bought the plastic pumpkin. D'oh.

Out of all the loot (quite a lot of chocolate bars -- snickers, mounds -- and some m and ms and so forth), the only things I could theoretically eat are the Skittles (which I don't much care for) and the Junior Mints (which are now gone). So Halloween has been something of a caloric let down. For me.

I may need to pick up some post-Halloween candy corn.

pointless wastes of time

Having finally uploaded an SD card worth of pix to the desktop with the big hard drive, then posted a bunch to Ringo, largely for my mother-in-law, and then updated userpics here and at friendster, I thought, what the hell. Let's see what's up for the 20 year high school reunion (Shorewood High School, Class of 1987, now city of Shoreline, then unincorporated King County with a Seattle address). Off to classmates where...

some guy asked what was up last December, and some vaguely familiar woman's name is attempting to generate interest this month in organizing something.

Well, at least I haven't _missed_ it. One wonders if it will actually happen.

I foolishly married (shortly after graduating college) a guy in my high school graduating class (just so you know, not only weren't we high school sweethearts, we barely knew each other by sight -- which is saying something when not only were we both Jehovah's Witnesses at the time, but his mother had actually attended my parents' wedding). We were young, and he was especially foolish, so I returned him to his parents after two and a half years. Needless to say, the prospect of seeing him again gives me pause when thinking about going to my high school reunion (I had to get an order for protection against him. He -- and his family -- were very, very badly behaved).

Maybe I'll wait for the 30 year reunion. Hmmm.