October 17th, 2006

Letter to the editor

I sent a somewhat snippy letter to Business Week in response to their cover article on the organics industry. They included a quote from a guy at the Hudson Institute, a rabidly right wing organization that takes money from ConAgra and produces lies about the organics industry. And they didn't do much to identify the Hudson Institute, which I found offensive.

In addition to the form letter (yeah, we got it, maybe we'll do something with it), the writer of the article actually sent me a reply as well. She knows who the Hudson folks are, and apparently picked the Bambi quote figuring we'd all understand that the guy and his crowd were opposed to that segment of the industry.

A reasonable perspective, but I'm still not overjoyed about it. OTOH, nice to get a direct reply, and I'm amused to realize that letter (or some edited portion of it) might yet be published. We'll see.

I read _A Black Englishman_ by Carolyn Slaughter, went to the book group meeting and had a fabulous time. Then I looked up stuff about Slaughter, her maternal grandmother and Slaughter's memoir online. Holy shit that woman has had an awful life. I thought the book was pretty good, altho not my kind of book. I feel extremely ignorant about India, however.