September 9th, 2006

at Seatac

Through security (they sent us through the express line). Got coffee, have lots of time. Further later, maybe.

There's a toddler play structure at B1. Cool.

at Midway

Arrived a few minutes early. I was appalled to see a grandmother actively sabotaging breastfeeding across the aisle from me. The mama was trying (with a blanket and of course the kid squealed -- little baby, too, looked two months or less), but gave up because grandma had a bottle all set up and ready to go. Gave up _fast_, too -- less than three minutes of trying. Mama slept most of the flight and more bottles were delivered.

Okay, that's bad. But get this -- grandma saw me nursing a couple feet away across the aisle, and gave me the filthiest look before glancing away. A sharp contrast to some other women walking by who smiled, complimented us on our baby, and touched his toes _while he was still nursing_.

Some people just _stink_.


Kid slept two hours on the flight (got him up early). He watched Teletubbies on Papa's laptop (I brought DVDs) and was generally happy. No trouble on take off or landing and was in his seat for both. Wow! He really and truly knows how to clear his ears.

We're only using disposables today, because it's just a whole lot of trouble otherwise. Gatechecked the stroller, and had three backpacks to carry on (one is the diaper bag, one is mine, one is R.'s) and a laptop bag. They _all_ fit under out seats -- nothing in the overhead at all. Weird. We checked three bags, because we'd planned to return some stuff to the apartment to go out but moving happened too fast. A friend is shipping the Toddler Busy Box for us (a truly awesome hotel toy, because it has so much going on in it). We checked the frame baby backpack, a bunch of cloth diapers, the corn popper and a few other odds and ends that were unexpectedly still with us at departure time.

All in all, a shockingly successful trip so far. Thanks to J. for wishing us Bon Voyage via voice mail, and aswego, as well. Our thoughts are with her, in particular, because of her recent loss. We're sorry we didn't get to see you in the last week or so! But we'll call when we are in.

how come mama is posting at the airport?

Because papa + leash = safe and happy baby, getting lots of exercise so he'll conk out on the plane. I held him through lunch a few minutes ago.

Someone told us that baby harnesses are _illegal_ in San Francisco. I will be investigating (of course!).

The kid played for a while on the play structure at Seatac (went through the tunnel with only verbal prompting). He also played for a while on the pedestrian conveyors here at Midway. He can keep up with them going the wrong way -- he runs. Looks just like someone on a treadmill (cause basically that's what he's doing). Time to take him to the gym? I don't trust him to handle the dismount barefoot yet, tho, so I picked him up. Yes, he has to learn, but he's not even 13 months old yet. Seems a bit early.