September 3rd, 2006

the library is packed

Really and truly. Including almost everything from the condo (I had left a lot of books behind last time I moved east, and spent a lot of time while in Seattle schlepping them to the apartment, packing them up -- or getting rid of some of them -- and sending them east). The last two book cases should be going out the door on Tuesday afternoon, one way or another.

Teddy's and my bags are partly packed. We're moving to a hotel on Wednesday night, so as not to be here at all the day the movers arrive to pack what remains here at the apartment. So before then, we need to get everything that's going to the condo, condo storage, or the storage unit out of the apartment. And we need to retrieve the moving blankets and the tires from condo storage. In theory, that all happens Tuesday/Wednesday.

In the mean time, tomorrow (Monday), we're going to attempt to go to Bumbershoot. We have no particular goal, which I think is ideal for attempting to do something like Bumbershoot with a one year old. Unfortunately, the Children's Museum is closed. :( But the hotel we're at is close to the Seattle Center, so Teddy and I can visit on Thursday and/or Friday (if he likes it) or the Science Center (if he doesn't). Anyone who'd like to do that with us should drop us a line.

And rather than attempt to pack enough clothing to assuage my paranoia (what if the movers fuck up completely?), and then have to deal with checking that luggage and the airlines losing it, I've packed a box of more clothing for Teddy and me, which I am going to ship some time between Tuesday and Friday. I feel clever for thinking of this.