August 24th, 2006

oh, whatever

I have a 15 inch powerbook. It has a battery in the right model/serial number range, but apple's webpage keeps giving me bogus responses and their phone service is doing nothing. I don't think this means the battery is okay. I think it means apple is overwhelmed. *sigh* Sony really sucks hard.

Kid went down for a nap late today, just before I left for class, so he woke up hard and just kept crying (I wasn't there) hoping a boob would enter his mouth magically. The boob, meanwhile, was in a bra 15 miles or so away, bouncing slightly while the torso it is connected to worked on some knife tricks. Which basically means that I didn't get to disappear into the shower when I got home (but I did get to make blonde brownies. With stone ground whole wheat flour. Yum).

We went to the zoo yesterday, where he did not enjoy riding the carousel, but where he did have a good time at zoomazium. I finally just went through the damn log tunnel myself, which convinced him to try it. I think the mirrored floor throws him off.

Oh, and think about Intuit. I just found out about the Medical Expense manager product, and read a little about the area they're planning on rolling products out over the next few years (basically: all that computerized health care info they collect on us? Products and services to get you access to it. Easily. Frequently. To assist with billing and patient involvement in treatment.). It's been obvious to anyone with any sense of the bigger picture that health care cannot continue to get more expensive (otherwise, basically all of our money will be going to health care, which clearly is not worth it). It has been a lot less obvious _how_ it would get less expensive. Rationing is kind of a non-starter, so evidence-based research (which health care does something good, what is not worth the expense/risk, and what health care is actually bad for you) was my take on the best approach. It was not, however, at all clear to me how it would be enforced/deployed. There are some boutique-y companies that specialize in helping people with very expensive diseases navigate the treatment jungle, make sure the right tests get done _and followed up on_. There are also increasingly better designed formularies (so drug companies are no longer raping us all, just the less informed) being put out by insurance companies, notably refusing to pay for expensive, no-more-effective, me-too drugs (especially when there's a cheap, effective generic in the class with fewer side effects). And they are making those formularies stick. Also there are those lawsuits . ;-)

Anyhow, it still seemed to me that there was a big gap in information -- a lack of transparency, to be wonky about it. And it looks like Intuit is about to fill it. Will they make money at it? I hope so. But either way, it will change the world.

And what's his face who played Giles on Buffy was/is in an episode of Doctor Who this past (UK)/upcoming (US) season. And he plays an Evil Bat Alien (in human disguise) who is the Headmaster at a High School doing vile things (like eating orphans, but also drugging the kiddies so they can figure out a puzzle that will give the evil aliens access to the basic structure of reality). Nice seeing him get work, but kinda funny that he's still stuck in high school.