August 22nd, 2006

recent events

We went camping. Teddy was fine, altho because traffic was horrible (it took between 2 and 3 hours to drive what should have taken slightly more than 1), we had to stop in Everett, as well as our planned lunch stop in Lynnwood. Coming home Sunday was easy, in part because we came home so early. Next time we go camping, we're going for more than one night. This one night for all that work thing is already old.

However, despite me being exhausted and having multiple breakdowns (Teddy, as I noted, was just fine), we had an okay time. We did not, unfortunately, get to see any of the people we hoped to visit during the weekend. I should have realized I was overscheduled, but I was too preoccupied planning the b-day party on Thursday to think about it much.

Teddy got a bunch of really cool toys for his birthday, and has been using the big plastic handle hauler toy as a ride-on. Presumably this practice is what enabled him to grab the tricycle last night when he briefly had access to it when we let him into the den, clamber aboard, and use _it_ as a ride on (still can't reach the pedals well, and not really even trying). Very cool. Seeing kids on bicycles at the park may have also been an influence. He has to be watched, because the trike has no turn limitation (so wiping out could happen). He got off for a while and tried to drag it along by the handle, which doesn't work well at all. But we did get a lot of that on video tape. I'm so glad I found those crazy tandem bike riding folk on the internet and was inspired to get a small tricycle for him this early. He had _so_ much fun with it.