August 16th, 2006

zoo, no major breakdown

Teddy napped today! Woohoo! Of course he waited until almost noon, when child care arrived. Child care kindly did a little grocery shopping for us, and then we sat down and mapped out a schedule for the next few weeks, so that was actually productive.

Teddy woke up at 2, so we went to the zoo after all, even though we had a hard return child care at 4:30 deadline. Zoomazium (went through the cave, but still won't go for the tunnel. Got pictures of him in the cave and the egg. Very cute), and then tried the Family Farm. So-so; no direct animal interaction (probably for the best from the animal point of view). We got slightly lost and saw a red panda. Teddy seemed to actually notice, and lost interest when it walked out of view, so there's some reason to believe he does see the animals.

Had a bit of a struggle leaving, and I had to stop on 12th after dropping child care off. Nursed in the back seat and then got the rest of the way home. Teddy did not nap again. We hung out until R. got home, then I did some computer stuff: posted car pix for the ad in craigslist since I'd had to take some for someone who sent me email. I also uploaded (some of this later, after Teddy was asleep) a bunch of pictures from the first trip to the zoo, the wading pool, and this trip. We haven't been taking very many pictures since Teddy started walking. We do have some video, but not really enough of that, either. Between traveling, moving, and him walking early, we just have not kept up. However, now that outings are working well, and he's eating pretty well, I'm going to make an effort.

Made the chili for the party tomorrow, and picked up the donuts on the way home from the zoo. No decorations. No candles. And I haven't bought the kid a _thing_ for his first birthday. However, other people seem to be calling to find out what he wants, so maybe it won't be a total disaster.