August 4th, 2006

busy busy busy

I missed swimming, because I was under the weather, which is sad; that was the last class with Teddy at Meadowbrook. They are closing for summer maintenance. I'm hoping to do the 3X / week thing at Medger Evers, but boy, I don't know if I can fit it in. We'll see.

This Saturday we are getting a storage unit, and 5 bookcases are going away: 1 to child care, 4 to friends, which means I have to get 4 more cleared off before tomorrow. Eeek.

I posted the bed, the dining room table and the car to craigs list, and it looks like the table and the bed will be moving quickly; no takers on the car and wheels yet.

I've got e-mails out to two dealers near home-on-the-east-coast regarding replacement vehicles (no way am I going to commit to a single vehicle household out there. Not yet anyway); no replies yet.

We've got a move date: September 9. And while we are hiring people to pack us up, I'm doing some of the packing ahead of time because, well, those bookcases need to go away, and some of these things needed to be packed up and gotten out of the way anyway.

busy busy busy still busy

Table gone. Still have the bed frame, and I'm now wondering if we'll be keeping it. We'll see.

Packed up a lot more books and we're now optimistic that five bookcases will in fact exit the apartment tomorrow, along with some other stuff that will be going into the storage unit we are getting.

There is just entirely too much stuff that needs to get done.

B. sang the praises of the Honda Odyssey that he's driving (friends are out of town and it's cheaper to loan it than to leave it at the airport). He did such an effective job of singing the praises of the Odyssey that unless some important factual component turns out to be wrong, or R. decides it's too noisy or something, R. is sold on that instead of the Audi wagon he's been contemplating. Wow. I really wanted an Odyssey, but I wanted a Fit more. It's looking like I get both now. I'm feeling frissons of consumer car culture. Very exciting.