July 20th, 2006

Covers of books, redux

Robert Karen's book on Attachment (0195115015) and Sroufe's book (0521629926) have covers
with airborne babies (Karen's all the way airborne; Sroufe's being lifted high in the air by a mama).

This is bizarre. It's right up there with that evil book I mentioned months ago (0838576656 -- discussed on May 10, 2005. Took a while to find that post. That would be the book about birth that completely erases the mother. And I do mean completely.). Why would, not one, but _two_ books about attachment depict a baby being held up/thrown up into the air? This is _not_ something that one does to a baby most days (I don't think, anyway). Sure, exciting fun, but not primary caregiver exciting fun. More like, energetic non-parent exciting fun.

What the fuck.

Someone please explain this to me.

my quick take, fwiw:

The topic of attachment is so taboo in our culture, that we feel compelled to sort of deny it by basically putting the child in an obviously unsafe and untenable position.

What the f---?

I gave LiveJournal $19.95 back in May, when the breastfeeding userpic controversy started. I figured, if I'm going to apply pressure to change, it'll be more convincing if I'm a Paid Account again, instead of a freeloader.

I noticed yesterday that I was listed as Basic. Mysterious. I sent e-mail asking what's up, and telling them the date it was posted to my credit card (after pulling the statement to make sure it was not All Just a Dream). I received a prompt reply saying, yup, I had paid, yup, my account wasn't showing that, and that they'd manually credited me with a year starting yesterday. I dutifully closed the support request.

Today, I get an e-mail from accounts saying my Paid account has expired.

This is annoying.