July 5th, 2006

Gymboree weirdness

I signed Teddy and me up for a free gymboree session, one of the Baby Signs classes. I did this online and received an email confirmation. Then I got a phone call. Turns out, the day I signed up for doesn't work. I think this is because it is the second of a two session class. I think they didn't really want me doing Baby Signs as a freebie, but since the website let me sign up, they couldn't really stop me; just have me reschedule. That's fine. They also suggested I check out one of their play classes. These are interesting, but Teddy falls firmly in the one that is 10-16 months of age and the description gave me pause. The woman said on the phone something about gross motor development. I said, that sounds wonderful, but he is already walking. Oh, she said. Well, is he a sturdy walker? Rather than go, yah, he's been walking for a couple of months, I figured I'd try, "Well, he can go in the wading pool up to his belly button and walk around without falling". Oh, said she. Then she suggested putting him in an older class. This is a tempting idea, and we may further investigate if I decide the place is appealing enough to shell out the Big Bucks. But that will force him to socialize with kids six months older than him. I'm not at all convinced that would work out okay; he's ahead of the curve socially/emotionally/cognitively, but maybe not quite that far ahead of the curve.