June 28th, 2006

Spray Feature update

The locals have replaced the cardboard with plastic, which is much more effective. Today, R., Teddy and I met a man who said he was the guy who designed the spray feature, and it was supposed to have a plug and an ionizer to keep the water clean. He says they put chlorine in the one at Volunteer Park (by hand, every day, when they fill it). The money for the ionizer was cut, however. Interesting.

His dog freaked out when Teddy got within two yards. Teddy wasn't reaching or anything. R. thinks some very small child must have yanked the dog's ears at some point, and the owner doesn't realize that, so has done nothing to help the dog learn not to be terrified of small children, nor to warn those in charge of small children to keep them well away. Geez. Dog owners are not the brightest.

R. had a neighbor who bred and showed dogs. One was terrorized by a four year old and ruined for shows thereafter. I thought that was loopy. Presumably somebody like that Dog Whisperer guy could fix a straightforward problem like that.

More to Life than Water

Altho you might not know if from my recent entries.

I actually got to write today, and did so. Then I did a bunch of editing/organizing, and uploaded the Discipline subtopic. It'll be interesting, in coming months and years, to see how my current thinking gets revised by reality.

Lately, Teddy has been objecting to the stroller, and I haven't had the heart to insist he stay in it.
So we've been doing longer and longer outings on shoulders, or on my left hip. He's starting to hang on, which is cool. But boy my back hurts after about a mile.