June 26th, 2006

Wading pools and water features

Seattle Parks Department runs a bunch of wading pools. We took Teddy to the one at Volunteer Park on Saturday. That was fun. I took him again today. It was fun again, although more work by myself. On the Sunday in between I attempted to take Teddy to the spray feature/wading pool at Judkins Park. It was bone dry. WTF? Website confirms it should have been full; hotline today says it should be full today/tomorrow. I'll investigate with Teddy tomorrow in the evening I guess.

The latest John Moore, _Bad Prince Charlie_, is, as one might expect, silly and fun. I did not realize there was an earlier John Moore (Slay & Rescue) which I had never seen. Hmmm. Not sure it's worth hardcover; hopefully it will get reprinted.

R. set up the AC a few days ago, so we aren't dying, which is nice. It's still too hot to cook, which makes it tricky to eat. We're getting by. Child care called in sick for today, so I had Teddy to myself, which is nice, altho tiring (I don't know how single parents survive), and I don't get anything else done.

He's definitely a toddler. R. picked him up to distract him while I ate some dinner and Teddy bit him (hard) on the shoulder. I'm really thinking I should have tried harder with the sign language, but the reality is that we _know_ what he (doesn't) want, usually. It just sometimes we decide to do something else instead.