May 30th, 2006


Around four months, Teddy bit a lot. It was awful, but he didn't actually have teeth yet. We figured out what was going on, and a combination of teething gear (frozen teething things, wet rags with a bit of clove oil, etc.), gum massage and baby tylenol put a stop to it.

Well, he's started again. The teething stuff helps some, but some of it appears to be he's biting down when falling asleep (hard to know what to do about that; if I pop him off too early, he relatches, so it's basically luck of the draw if I time it right -- when he won't relatch, but hasn't bit yet). Some of it, however, is apparently him communicating he really doesn't want to nurse right now. Which is incredibly frustrating all around when he's exhausted and cranky, but doesn't want to just nurse to sleep.

We watched some Tubbies and took a bath and eventually he was able to settle in, eat and sleep.

He has also developed a habit of dragging his teeth across my nipple. Grrrrr. And then when I jump (duh), he bawls.

Teddy walking

Okay, we all know he's walking.

His latest expoit is to take a few steps in the courtyard (concrete tiles) very cautiously (he did not fall). In the afternoon and evenings, he goes up and down the (carpeted) hallway and elevator lobby on our floor (pre-childproofed! other than the neighbor's plant). He took a small wooden ball with him one day, and started moving it along the ground by walking over it (missing sometimes, obviously -- it's small). The first few times, we weren't sure this was intentional. No uncertainty now.

R. brought out a larger ball (very lightweight structure like a soccer ball, but like a hollow outline -- a wireframe diagram of a soccer ball, but made of plastic of some kind). This was much easier to move along the floor, and it was more obvious that he was specifically kicking it, rather than just walking over it.

And he's been watching some of the world cup exhibition games. Does this make me a soccer mom? It just seems way too early.