May 21st, 2006

Here's WHY we need lots of public pictures of BF

Because if we don't make these pictures common, then ignorant idiots will continue to think that a baby sucking tit is sexual, and mamas will continue to have their babies taken away from them, and indicted for child molestation and child porn.

WE NEED TO SEE BREASTFEEDING. This taboo has got to stop.


Okay. If the rationale is no secondary sexual characteristics should be displayed on Livejournal, then we can't have any facial hair or adams apples or, as R. points out, male pattern baldness. Clearly this isn't going to happen, so it isn't a secondary sexual characteristics rule.

If it's whatever-turns-someone-on, my goodness, no pictures left at all.

Is it a no pictures of people eating?

Nope, it's a what-is-work-safe. Well, if breastfeeding is legal everywhere a mama and baby can be together (note: is IS! discreet or not), then it must be work safe. Companies have got themselves in legal hot water for asking women not to breastfeed on the premises. If you can do it there live and in person, you ought to be able to have a picture of it.

And yes, I do feel strongly about this.